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Easy Daily Sacred Sovereignty Protection Checklist


Dragon Reiki Master Teacher
Staff member
Jun 10, 2020
Sovereighnty Checklist.jpg
I invite in all of my team of unconditionally loving beings working with the highest vibration of unconditional love for my highest good. I ask that you help me to walk my path with love, ease, and grace! Thank you with love
*This is a great place to invite in or honor specific guides if you have the time.

Thank You (universe…) for loving me, I love you, and I love myself
Thank You (universe…) for approving of me, I approve of you, and I approve of myself
Thank You (universe…) for forgiving me, I forgive you, and I forgive myself
Thank You (universe…) for being with me always
Thank You (universe…) for protecting me
Thank You (universe…) for My Armor

I ask to be wrapped in an energy bubble of: ___(Christ Consciousness, Golden energy, Diamond White Light,…)___ all day and night and I ask that it support me throughout the day and help me to have ___(Unconditional love, patience, a smooth and fun day…)___.

I now activate a crystalline platinum pyramid to protect me all day and night. Only the highest vibration of unconditional love is allowed to enter my pyramid! Any energy that are not of the highest unconditional love trying to enter will be transformed into unconditional love and sent where it is needed most! Any beings who are not of the highest unconditional love I ask to be offered a unconditional love bubble from the source as well as divine forgiveness and sent on their way.

I do not consent to take on anyone’s energy, vibration, emotions, karmas, heaviness, burdens, attachments, or illness.

I do not consent to give my own energy away or to have my own energy taken from me.

This is for any direction of time, space, alternate realities, dimensions, or universes!

I do consent to channel the highest vibration of universal love through me, to help others.
All this or better for the highest good of all, especially my highest good

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