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Helping Lost Souls to Transition and Freeing any from your Aura and Fields


Dragon Reiki Master Teacher
Staff member
Jun 10, 2020
Lost Soul Healing.jpg
People who have passed on but have not been able to cross to their next level of life into the light can become confused and find their way into the energetic fields of brightly shinning humans. After accumulating many of these lost souls one can become tired, exhausted, they can begin to feel the emotions of the lost souls trapped within their field thus feeling, sad, depressed, hopeless,.. Luckily our guides and the angels can be of great assistance when needing to free these souls from our fields.

Begin by asking your guides of the highest vibration of unconditional love, if you have trapped souls stuck anywhere in your fields. I utilize a pendulum for this task.

I then ask angels working with the highest unconditional love (I often specifically ask for Archangel Michael's help), to open a portal over a 10-100 mile area that allows lost souls to go to the next level of consciences, heaven. I ask that their loved ones be brought to the fore front to help them not be afraid and that they be showered with unconditional love. I then state: “you are all are worthy of unconditional love and you are forgiven, please go in peace”. I then ask the angels to close the portal when all souls who choose to pass through them have done so, or after 2 hours. Remember that although the angels are doing the big work you are anchoring their ability to perform the task by asking and being available in a physical body, so closing the portal after a few hours is best for your energy field.

Next you can invite in Archangel Michael as well as a guide very close to you that you work with often. Ask Michael and your guide to help all of the souls who are willing to leave your fields. You can ask that this work be shown to you using the pendulum. Ask for it to swing around in a circle until the souls have left your fields, and swing front to back once this task is complete.

Next call in Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary to help the lost souls with more fear and trauma who are unwilling to leave your fields. Send out as much love and forgiveness for these souls as you can to help them. Then ask for confirmation on your pendulum that they are being helped out of your fields. Once again ask that the pendulum circle as the work is done and to swing front to back as the task is complete and you are clear.

Now to begin to heal from any damages caused from confused lost souls call on Archangel Raphael and his team of light to repair all damages done to all bodies and fields. Ask for Archangel Raphael and his team to fill you back up with loving energy and light. Ask to be restored to %100 of your energy and light. Then ask for confirmation on your pendulum as this work is being done, once again it will show you when the work is complete.

Once all the lost souls have left your field it is advisable to set sacred space for you energy fields and home. You can learn the way I protect my sacred space in the article Protecting Your Sovereign Sacred Spaces.

The information on working the angels and your guides to free lost souls from your fields came to me from:
Lori Saturday Trask a wonderful healer offering Meditations, Energy Work, Past Life Readings, and Holistic Nutrition at the Healing Arts Center at St. Andrews Lutheran Church 6774 W. 66th Arvada CO, 80003