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Receiving Energetic Pathway Healing and Energy Boost from your Guides


Dragon Reiki Master Teacher
Staff member
Jun 10, 2020
Here is a great way to ask your guides for healing, unblocking, and opening your energetic pathways. This is important for your energy flow and maintained health. When your energetic pathways are open and unobstructed you are able to maintain harmony in all of your bodies and fields, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and have an easier time with the challenges of life.

I ask beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love to heal and clear ___(your name)___ for my highest good.

Please heal, unblock, and open my ___(chakra)___ and all of the energetic pathways, blockages , and traumas, in all of my bodies and fields from that chakra all the way down to my connection with inner earth.

Feet (Earth Star)
Solar plexus
Throat -include pathways to hands
Third Eye Band - includes Third Eye, Nasal and Ear Chakras
All the connection with source all the way through the connection with inner earth.

I now ask guides of the highest unconditional love to fill any holes or damages in any bodies with unconditional love and healing light (you can ask for a particular energy if you feel it would serve you).

I ask grandmother spider to bring her children of the highest unconditional love and repair any holes or damaged areas with crystalline and translucent web.

Thank you all!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

(I use my pendulum to tell when the healing of each area of energetic pathway is clear by asking my guides to swing it in a circle while they are working and to show me the work is complete by swinging it from front to back.)