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Rescind Script; Removing Attachments and Cords not Serving Your Highest Good.


Dragon Reiki Master Teacher
Staff member
Jun 10, 2020
Rescind Script.jpg
This subject can be one I find it difficult to address. This is largely impart because we all seem to have different ideas and beliefs about what kind of beings exist and what intentions they have. I choose love over fear and not to research deeply into to many details of the not as nice beings interacting with / influencing humans on our planet at this time. However, I have done to much healing work to ignore the fact that there are beings living that are not always seen, that are not humans, or lost souls or ghosts, that can effect our energy and sometime thoughts if they have access to our energy bodies. Once again I am not addressing this to cause fear or worry for anyone as that is unnecessary. We have the power and every right to live a life unaffected by such beings. Sometimes we need to declare this and invite in our benevolent teams to assist us in having a safe sacred sovereign space and life. That is why I wish to address this topic. You are each sovereign beings gifted with divine free will and the option to only be influenced and work with those beings whom you choose. That is why I have alongside many people and helpers developed the Rescind Script. This is a script you can read choosing only what you like to reclaim your safe and sacred space, body, life! This Rescind Script is always changing and transforming to be a thorough as possible so feel free to check back in to see the newest version. Also feel free to adjust it to your own needs.

Rescind script as of October 12, 2020

I ask to be placed inside a protected bubble of pure unconditional love, allowing only beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love to enter, have access or hear anything said here.
I invite in beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love aligned with Christ consciousness, working for my highest good and the highest good of all, to help me, and I invite in the quarantine teams! I also invite in the beings and energy of divine justice, and ask that divine justice be served to all beings violating my divine free will. Please escort away from the premises and or quarantine any attachments as necessary for the highest good of all. Also please protect my family and myself and those in this space with me.

I declare now that only beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love and Christ consciousness, working for my highest good the highest good of all, are welcomed to work with me within my fields and sacred spaces at any time.

I ask now to be filled with unconditional love and for unconditional love and divine forgiveness to be offered to all attachments and beings surrounding me, and to any recently removed or quarantined. If any seek re-connection with source energy I ask that they be assisted at this time.

Any beings who choose to leave now are free to go, however if you, any beings affiliated with you, or under your control, at any point or time violate my free will and return, I ask that you and any beings violating my free will be immediately placed in quarantine the moment you or your affiliations / teams have any facet of your being come in contact with any facet of my being or my team, with anything other than unconditional love, in the name of Divine Justice!

“I rescind any and all permissions, invitations, consent, agreements, contracts, promises, vows, declarations, intentions, oaths,

I rescind any access, remote access, remote viewing, remote listening, remote control, suggestions, influence, manipulations, intrusion, violation, infiltration.
I rescind any Inflation or exaggeration of my own thoughts, emotions, ego, feelings, actions, subconscious, dream states, or astral travel.
I rescind any cords, attachments, hooks, attacks, black magic, magic, curses, hexes, evil eyes, implants, trackers, 5G influence, EMF’s, portals, vortexes, holograms, artificial universes, or consciousness streams.
I rescind any and all enslavement, possession, anything using me, or going through me, to harm others, anything using me period.
I rescind any access through any opening in my aura or fields, my multidimensional selves, my energetic connection with others, or my vibrational alignment.
I rescind any access through my fears or other emotions, traumas and vibrational alignment from any lifetime or universal embodiment.
I rescind any access through my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, thoughts, senses, ego, anything not aligned with divine truth, divine justice, divine free will, divine freedom, divine love.
I rescind any clones, any loopholes, or duplicates of any of the things I just listed.

I rescind all this from beings who are not of the highest vibration of unconditional love and Christ consciousness, working for my highest good and the highest good of all.
This is for my physical, mental, emotional, universal/spiritual, astral, and all translucent bodies, all facets and pieces of me, It will go in all directions of time, space, dimensions and alternate realities,
Including all my timelines backwards and forwards, and those who choose to accept, of my ancestors and descendants, family, and all pets, soul family, and my divine counterpart.

It is for every space, particle and object within and throughout my home, my office, my vehicles, and any place sacred to me; any and all technology in and around my home, vehicles, office, or sacred spaces.., my phone, bank accounts, credit cards, all technology accounts, and all that lies within them, anything that has ever been placed inside or upon my body and energy fields in this incarnation or any (including medicine, medical devices, vaccinations, implants, food, soaps, and all that I have rescinded…), anything that is currently within or upon my body and energy fields.

This Rescind of permission is also for any spaces or items sacred to me and in my care, as well as any public places I frequent that would serve the highest good of all to effect.

All of this or better, in accordance with my declaration to only work with beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love. In accordance with divine love and justice and freedom.

This is my will; therefore it is the will of God (source, universe) It is LAW. Anything violating my will must leave NOW! (Imagine slamming a staff upon the ground Gandalf style here)
And so it is!!!!”

I ask now for beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love to please repair any and all damages done, and remove any and all traumas caused by that which I have rescinded (take a deep breath). Please heal all areas and bodies that need healing! Please fill me again with unconditional love!!!

I ask that any manifestation I created while influenced by anything other than unconditional love, be neutralized now, and replaced with manifestations of the highest vibration, in alignment with my highest good and (I AM self) source self. Now I ask beings of the highest vibration of unconditional love, for protection, to be surrounded with love, be safe from attacks and attachments and all that I have rescinded. I intend to be surrounded by a pyramid of universal love that only the highest unconditional love may enter. May this pyramid stay with me everyday and night, throughout this incarnation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!